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Research day 2016

CCGEx research day, Oct 28, 2016

Agenda (pdf 162 kB)

Overview and research areas (pdf 2.8 MB) - Anders Christiansen Erlandsson

Research area: Compressor off-design operation (CoD)

Introduction and overview (pdf 948 kB) - Mihai Mihaescu

Detecting compressor surge using the Hurst exponent (pdf 965 kB) - Bertrand Kerres

Analysis of flow features in centrifugal compressors (pdf 1.8 MB) - Elias Sundström

Turbocharger acoustics and innovative noise control (pdf 1.3 MB) - Raimo Kabral

Research area: HOTSIDE

Introduction and overview (pdf 960 kB) - Mihai Mihaescu

Gas dynamics of exhaust valves (pdf 947 kB) - Marcus Winroth

Pressure ratio influence on exhaust valve flow coeffcients (pdf 720 kB) - Ted Holmberg

Flow exergy analysis of a turbocharger radial turbine (pdf 3.3 MB) - Shyang Maw Lim

Engine optimized turbine design (pdf 431 kB) - Nicholas Anton

Research area: Engine after treatment (EAT)

Introduction and overview (pdf 905 kB) - Mikael Karlsson

Particle agglomeration with acoustic method (pdf 1.1 MB) - Zhe Zhang

Control of particle agglomeration with relevance to after-treatment gas processes (pdf 1.4 MB) - Ghulam Majal

Characterization of particulates in the gas exchange system of DI/SI engines (pdf 601 kB) - Arun Prasath K.

Engine after treatment: Atomization and mixing of urea water solution (pdf 2.1 MB) - Mireia Altimira

Research area: System integration (SYSINT) and associated projects

Introduction and overview (pdf 213 kB)   - Anders Christiansen Erlandsson

Heavy duty DISI gas exchange processes with alternative fuels (pdf 393 kB) - Senthil Krishnan Mahendar

Low temperature waste heat recovery in IC engines (pdf 554 kB) - Sandhya Thantla

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