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Completed Projects

(former) PhD students/Post-docs Projects
Jianhua Zhou Non-linear Modeling for Thermoacoustic Engine and its application for automotive WHR (ppt 1.7 MB)
Ghulam Majal Control of Particle Agglomeration With Relevance to After-Treatment Gas Processes (pdf 9.0 MB)
Marcus Winroth Gas Dynamics of Exhuat Valves  (ppt 8.3 MB)
Zhe Zhang Experimental analysis of whistle noise in a particle agglomeration pipe (ppt 1.0 MB)
Nicholas Anton  
Shyang Maw Lim On the impact of non-isothermal and pulsating flow on turbocharger turbine performance (pdf 8.5 MB)
Elias Sundström Large Eddy Simulations of Compressor Flows at Low Mass Flow Rates (pdf 4.4 MB)
Raimo Kabral Rotating Machines and Innovative Noise Control (pdf 1.5 MB)
Valeriu Dragan Unconventional Volute-Diffuser Assembly for Extended Compressor Range (pdf 8.1 MB)
Bertrand Kerres The Hurst Exponent as a Compressor Surge Criteria (pdf 1.2 MB)
Chris Ford Vortex Meter Design for Unsteady Mass-Flow Measurement (pdf 2.7 MB)
Habib Aghaali Waste Heat Recovery on Internal Combustion Engines by Using Turbines (pdf 307 kB)
Emma Alenius LES of Flow Duct Acoustics (pdf 243 kB)
Olle Bodin Flow in Exhaust Valve Ports and Manifolds (pdf 166 kB)
Johan Fjällman Detailed modeling of single & double turbines (pdf 327 kB)
Stefan Gundmalm Divided Exhaust Period (pdf 700 kB)
Athanasia Kalpakli Pulsating flow in complex channels–experiments (jpg 1.4 MB)
Fredrik Laurantzon Flow metering in the gas exchange system (pdf 11.0 MB)
Markus Pastuhoff Pressure sensitive paint (PSP) for rotating components (pdf 632 kB)
Simon Reifarth EGR-Systems for Diesel Engines (pdf 436 kB)
Alexander Sakowitz EGR Mixing (pdf 1.0 MB)
Martin Söder In-cylinder flow (pdf 212 kB)
Heiki Tiikoja Acoustics of Automotive Turbocharger (pdf 141 kB)
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