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About CCGEx

CCGEx focuses on research regarding gas management in modern internal combustion engines for vehicles.

The aim of the research is to make engines more effective and environment-friendly thus to decrease fuel consumption without losing performance, lower emissions of hazardous substances and to control sound generation and attenuation in the engine gas handling system.

Gas management is defined as all handling of gases from the air inlet to the valves of the engine block, as well as the exhaust gases from the point where they leave the combustion chamber through the exhaust valves, and then all the way through the exhaust system.

The research is based on extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics, acoustics and engine technology and includes both fundamental and applied experiments and simulations as well as development of methodology for such studies. The centre is a combined effort between KTH, the Swedish Energy Agency and the leading engine manufacturers in Sweden. KTH CCGEx started officially 1st of January 2011.